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  • Is 2011 gonna be my year? (weigh-in for 1/17/11)

    This week’s weight: 304.6 Difference from last week: -1.4 This year’s change: -1.4 Image by randihausken via Flickr One of my dear twitter friends, @Dabobie, sent me a tweet that has me thinking. Her tweet was pure encouragement: “you’re on a roll :)) this is your year!” Aside from being super-sweet, this tweet made me […]

  • Important weigh-in sanity note: watch what you wear!

    Image via Wikipedia I mentioned before that I have a bad habit: I weigh myself most every morning. It’s not an “official” weigh-in, and I don’t really feel good or bad about the results. It is more so I can get an idea of how I did the day before. Was it a light day? […]