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  • WeightJournal, September 16, 2015 – kicked its ass!!!

    Exciting news this week, as I am kicking diabetes’s ass (hoepfully I’m not jinxing myself by saying that). I also rejoined WeightWatchers in-person meetings (I’ve been doing the internet-only option so far) and I reclaim a goal. All that and more! Related articles Researchers Announce Latest Weight Loss Method: Don’t Count Calories-Look At Nutritional Value […]

  • Printable Mediterranean Diet shopping list

    Long-time readers know that I continually flirt with the Mediterranean Diet. I like the idea, I love that the diet is heart-friendly, and I truly love that this is a diet in style-sense, not in weight-loss sense. My problem is not having the food stuffs that I need for the Med diet on-hand at home. […]

  • Heading down the right road (Weigh-in for April 27th, 2011)

    This week’s weight: 306.6 Difference from last week: -1.0 This year’s change: +0.6 Well, will you look at that? Down another pound! And this time, it was deserved. I was doing my best to keep track of where I was Points-wise, to make sure that the food choices I was making were wise. Or at […]