My weight charts

I have two main weight charts that I am using to track my weight. The first encompasses all of my weigh-ins for the current year. I try to track my weight every week; this gives a very nice view of my weight for the year. The following chart shows my progress for the year.

Current year's weight chart
Current year's weight chart

I have been tracking my weight since I first consciously started trying to lose weight back in 1997. My starting weight then was 290 pounds. The 290 mark is is bold on this chart, too, to reflect that. As you can see from this chart, I spent an awful lot of the 00’s above that line. As long as my weight is below that line, I know that I am on the right track:

Weight chart since 1997
My weight since 1997

My WeightWatchers weigh-in is done every Tuesday afternoon. I use this as my “official” weight. There may be fluctuations from week to week, but over the course of a year, the trends will become fairly obvious.

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