Weight: 287.6
Difference from last entry: -2.4 (!!!)

I DID IT! Wow! I am pretty pumped, in case you couldn’t tell. I was able to get myself back down beneath that 290 pound mark. Thank Tao! I feel much, much better than I did at this time last week. A lot of that negative thinking that I sunk into last week has gone away. Now, I am left with a couple of handfuls of motivation. Time for me to put them to use!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am having mixed results at actually doing the things I need to do to lose weight. I have started exercising (walking) regularly; I just got back from a 20 minute walk, for example. But I am still not doing some things correctly. (For example, I had two bowls of cereal last night, even though I had used up all of my points for the day).

Weight management is a balancing act. I have never been more sure of that than I am right now. It’s a series of choices and compromises one must make with ones’ self. If one makes the right choices and compromises, then one will be able to control their weight. It’s that easy; it is not that easy.

Last night was a great example of a compromise. I really wanted to walk over to Phar Mor (which is a three minute walk from my apartment) and get a Hostess cherry pie. For some reason, it sounded delightful. Yet I know just how bad those things are for a person. (We are talking hamburger range for calories and fat.) I was trying to argue with myself, but I knew this was one of those situations where I wasn’t going to get out of eating SOMETHING. So I decided that, if I were going to overeat, I’d do it with something healthy. (Or, at least, healthier.) So I had a bowl of cereal (raisin bran, very high in fiber, low in calories and fat).

The key to this whole game is the compromise, and the choice. Making the choice to not overeat, making the choice to exercise, is what I am striving towards. For the current time, compromising with my 30 years of learned behavior by eating healthy alternatives when I absolutely have to eat, or exercising for at least a short amount of time when I don’t want to exercise, is what I can do to gain control over my weight.


– Miguelito


Weight: 290
Difference from last entry: +1.5

Wow…. I don’t even know how to get started on this… I am very disgusted with myself right now, which probably means that this entry is going to sound pretty negative. But I did not have a very good week weight-wise. And worse than that, I have now eclipsed a weight that I swore to myself I would never be at again.

I almost broke down in tears when I saw that I now once again top the 290 pound mark. I can’t believe that I have let myself get back to this weight. I worked so hard to get my weight down to a reasonable level. And now, in a little less than a year, I am almost right back where I started. (The heaviest I’ve ever been is 295 pounds.) I’ve wasted all of the hard work, all of the determination, all of the dedication that I spent to get down to a good weight, and to stay there. [sigh]

The really bad part about all of this is that I know that I have the strength to lose weight. All I need to do is look back over my old journals, and I can see that I do have the strength. I’ve just forgotten how to tap into that strength. I’ve gotten used to not working hard. I’ve gotten used to not paying attention to what I eat. I’ve gotten used to being lazy, not exercising, not moving much at all from when I get home to when I go to sleep. In short, I’ve fallen right back into all of my old habits. And these habits are quickly adding weight to me.

So what can I do? How can I break these old habits? My girlfriend and I had a heart-to-heart discussion about this very subject this evening. We have agreed to try to help each other through this. She will be providing me with the strength and motivation when I don’t have it. But I can’t just rely on her; I need to find a way to tap into this strenght within myself.

In a way, I have already started to do this. I stopped at the grocery store after our Weight Watchers meeting tonight and loaded up on healthy food. I now have a kitchen full of good-to-eat items. I also don’t have any bad-to-eat items here, so that’s a good thing. I’ve also committed myself to getting away from my desk and taking a walk during breaks at work tomorrow.

These are small steps. But I need to take things slow at this point. I need to make small goals right now, concentrate on awakening that strength that is within me. My goal for this week is to eat better and to get some exercise tomorrow. I am not going to look beyond tomorrow until I succeed at meeting my goals for tomorrow.

Wish me luck. And I hope that you have a great tomorrow

– Miguelito


Weight: ??
Difference from last entry: ??

Hello again! Welcome to my new Weight Management Journal. I have decided to try using Blogger’s web log (or blog, if you are so inclined). I will be making slight modifications in the next few weeks, trying to make this appear as aesthetically-pleasing as possible while still being easy for me. For more information, please check my mailing list archives.

Well, it’s been three weeks since my girlfriend and I joined Weight Watchers. In that time, we haven’t been back! 🙂 We had some scheduling problems, so were not able to make meetings last week. I have an out-of-town guest this week, so we haven’t been able to get to a meeting this week. I am hoping we can sneak a meeting in tomorrow morning; lord knows I need to get to one!

Actually, I haven’t been that horribly bad. I have reduced my meal sizes greatly. I am actually eating normal-sized meals (for the most part). But then again, meals have never been my real problem; snacking always has. While I haven’t had as much success with snacks as I have with meals, I have been doing better. I haven’t had any Ben & Jerry’s or a Blizzard for quite a while. However, the accountability that the Weight Watchers program provides would help me even more in this regard.

Where I’ve been slacking is on exercise. This will come as no surprise to long-time readers of my journal. It has just seemed a lot easier to stay by the tv playing Legend of Zelda 64 than to go out into this horrible heat (it’s been above 90 degrees for most of July) and exercise. I’ll be trying to change this behavior soon, but I’ve been trying to change this behavior for years, so don’t expect any miracles overnight! 🙂

I did recently get a table-top grill. As anyone who has tried to lose weight knows, the secret to sticking with a program is to have a wide variety in foods that one can eat. This grill will allow me to make very different tasting meals, including the barbeque chicken that I had last night. It was NUMMY! 🙂 Grilled Portabello mushrooms are also heavenly.

That’ll do it for me for this week! Thanks for stopping by. Drop me an email, letting me know what you think of the new journal format. And until next week…. Ciao!

– Miguelito