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May 5 video update, in which I forget to publish the link…

Next time I’ll make sure that I publish the journal entry here before I get back to work. 🙂 It was a challenging week, and I decided it’d be a better idea to talk things out than to keep them in.

I also mentioned my huevos rancheros, and promised to lay out the PointsPlus values for it:

10″ tortilla = 5ppts
2 eggs = 4ppts
1/4 cup refried beans = 2ppts
1/2 cup 505 Southewestern Organic chili sauce = 2ppts
1/3 cup shredded cheese = 4ppts
sliced jalapenos = 0ppts
17 PointsPlus!

Yes, at first you may have some major sticker shock, but 17ppts is not bad at all, considering just how much food this is! I usually divide this up into a meal and a between-meal snack, because it’s just too much food to eat at one sitting.

Have a great week!

– Biffster

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April 15, 2015 – Puppy power!

As my wife Erin said: “This dog is going to be the life of me.” This week I’m talking about our puppy, walking and big success on the sale this week!

Note: I am not trembling in the video, but bouncing on my exercise ball chair.


Unofficial weight

You may not know this, but I always weigh myself when I’m wearing my jeans, belt and a t-shirt. I decided to cheat today and weigh myself in my skivvies. 311.6. 🙂 That doesn’t count, and I’ll wear my normal weigh-in clothes on Monday. but that was nice to see!