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Holiday weight gain

Here’s one of the main reasons I gained so much weight over the holiday season: A venti Starbucks eggnog latte has 630 calories per serving. And I was drinking these things like water! There were a few days when I had two egg nog lattes in the same day. That’s 1260 extra calories, on top of the other bad stuff that I was eating.

My goal for this year is to find a way to kick my egg nog habit. I’m addicted to the stuff, and I really cannot afford to be. Between my lack of will power and my slow metabolism, I am doomed during the holidays!

Anyone know the number to egg nog drinkers anonymous?

On the plus side, a Grande nonfat cinnamon latte from Starbucks weighs in at 200 calories. I am so down with that! The grande latte has 14g of protein, so it’s actually a fairly nutritious drink, too. I am altering my meal plan specifically to allow one of these beasties a day. Yummy!

Exercise Fast food Meals

Tokyo Joes

Hello again, everyone! I actually got myself out to the rec center this morning for a 30 minute, 1.7 mile walk (which is VERY good time and distance for me). I feel so much more relaxed and full of energy this morning. I really don’t understand why it is so hard for me to get out and exercise when I enjoy the after-effects so much!

Erin and I love to eat at Tokyo Joes (a local Japanese chain restaurant). I’ve found that Joes has a perfect dinner for me: It’s a brown rice bowl with chicken, lotsa veggies and curry sauce. According to their nutritional information, it’s 630 calories, which is right in my dinner range. If any of your readers are here in the Denver area and want healthy takeout/fast food, I strongly recommend Tokyo Joes!

Junk food Weigh-in

Slow steps – eating

Weight: 324
Different from last entry: -2

I am working on following my “small steps, no unrealistic expectations” goal, but in a different way than I had originally planned. I had orignally thought that I would do small steps in regards to exercise. I haven’t quite made it to the community center, though. Instead, what I have done is managed to make small changes in what I eat.

I haven’t cut out all junk, and I haven’t switched to an all-healthy diet. What I have done is make some small changes. I am weaning myself away from soda (again), going from two a day to one a day (sometimes less). I have managed to cut down on snacks. I still have them, but nowhere near as often as I used to.

I still have a lot of changes to make. I am just getting started! But I have learned that I need to do this at a slow pace, make changes that I can actually accept and get used to before I move on to something else. This is definitely the most important lesson I’ve learned this year.