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Food bender

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: food can be an addiction. It can be just as big an addiction as drugs or alcohol. I don’t think people realize that. But I know this very well.

Like other addicts, people who are addicted to food will go on a bender from time to time. This is usually called “binging,” but I hate that term. I like the term “food bender.” It seems much more appropriate.

A food bender is very similar to an alcoholic’s bender. It starts innocently enough, with maybe too big a meal, or an extra snack, or a candy bar. But then it rapidly escalates, and over the course of a day or a week, the person ends up overeating in amazing quantities.

Food benders are pretty much how I ended up at my current weight. I do fine with meals and controlled snacks. But I’ll go off on a food bender. The most recent time this happened, I ate most of a box of Oreo cookies by myself. Over the course of two days. When I finished, I was shocked at what I had done. And mortified. How could one person eat that many cookies?

Not surprisingly, my weight went up a lot that week.

If I can control the benders, if I can either keep myself from getting into one, or make myself realize what I am doing and stop while I am in the middle of one, then things will work out the way I want.

Junk food Meals

Bad couple of weeks

I haven’t been near a scale recently, and it’s on purpose. I know for sure that I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. I have fallen back into that old trap of snacking. I snack during morning break, afternoon break, before dinner and before bedtime. I don’t know why I keep not preparing for the fact that I am a five-meal-a-day person. When I set up meals to account for this, I control my weight. If I can make sure that I have something healthy to eat for morning break and afternoon break, then I don’t fall into these traps.

As it is, I am sure that I’ll have at least a five-pound weight gain if I ever get around to weighing myself. Which will put me back to 324 pounds. Which means that I’ve now gained back everything I lost last year. I keep wasting the hard work that I am doing, simply because I’m not smart enough to do the things that I know I need to do.

Losing weight really isn’t as hard as I am making it.

Fast food

Einstein Bagels power bagel – HOLY CRAP!

Here’s an example of why nutritional information is so important. For a while now, I’ve been having a power bagel with peanut butter from Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast. This seemed like a pretty good breakfast to me. The power bagel has a lot of protein in it. And if it has protein, then it has to be good for you, right?

Well, not exactly. Thanks to an Einstein’s Bagels nutritional information guide, (Warning: It’s a PDF file) I now find that the power bagel is not very good for weight loss at all. With peanut butter, it weighs in at 750 calories! HOLY CRAP!! Subtract the peanut butter, and it is still 560 calories. That’s one damned expensive bagel!

From now on, I’m switching to a whole wheat bagel with blueberry cream cheese. That’s 410 calories, which leaves me with enough calories for my cinnamon latte.