Junk food Weigh-in

Slow steps – eating

Weight: 324
Different from last entry: -2

I am working on following my “small steps, no unrealistic expectations” goal, but in a different way than I had originally planned. I had orignally thought that I would do small steps in regards to exercise. I haven’t quite made it to the community center, though. Instead, what I have done is managed to make small changes in what I eat.

I haven’t cut out all junk, and I haven’t switched to an all-healthy diet. What I have done is make some small changes. I am weaning myself away from soda (again), going from two a day to one a day (sometimes less). I have managed to cut down on snacks. I still have them, but nowhere near as often as I used to.

I still have a lot of changes to make. I am just getting started! But I have learned that I need to do this at a slow pace, make changes that I can actually accept and get used to before I move on to something else. This is definitely the most important lesson I’ve learned this year.

Holidays Junk food Weigh-in

April 2, 2002

Weight: 311
Difference from last entry: +2

Normally, I would’ve said that this week was a setback. I have eaten a LOT more than I normally do. And I can feel it, in the way that my body carries itself. However, since I am still just preparing to manage my weight, and not actually doing it yet, I will cut myself a break. I will consider this week a learning experience.

What went wrong this week? Well, my problems really started on Wednesday. We had a potluck at work. There was a lot of yummy foods to choose from, and a whole lot of those foods to eat. We started with donuts in the morning, and really never looked back from there. There was chili and seven-layer dip and pie and ice cream and…

Things went even worse on Friday. The company that I work for moved to a different building Friday evening. To help allay some of the inconvenience, the company I work for provided free pizza all day for employees. I didn’t get horrible carried away, but the 5 pieces of pizza I ended up eating was still 3 more pieces than I should have eaten. And then, Friday afternoon, work provided pie. I had a big piece of Dutch Apple Pie, and a not-much-smaller piece of pumpkin pie. Added with the pizza, this was WAY too much food for me to eat. And far too much food in a 48-hour period.

Sunday was, of course, Easter. And Easter is one of the big eating holidays. Lots of candy, lots of chocolate, lots of food. It was a fun holiday, but I again ate too much. (A common theme for last week, I am sure that you will agree.)

My assignment for last week was to try to find times during the day when I can fit more exercise in. I am actually going to wait until next week to answer this. Since I now work in a different building, I’ll have to make some modifications to what I found.

I hope everyone had a great week!

– Miguelito