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Weight Journal – November 11th, 2015 – Could be worse

Back after a month’s break. I haven’t had motivation lately, but have been using the things that I’ve learned to stay on-track. Somehow…


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WeightJournal June 4, 2015 – Made it through…

I made it through my rough week, and somehow lost a little bit of weight in doing so. I know, it surprised the hell out of me, too!


Junk food

Addicted to… Apple fritters?

Seriously, how in the world did I get addicted to apple fritters? Yes I love them, and yes they bring back nice memories of stopping at The Donut Shop in Trinidad between classes and having coffee and donuts. Lately, though, I haven’t been able to get them off my mind! Everywhere I go, I want an apple fritter! Target and King Soopers sell a four-pack of apple fritters that they keep on a shelf in the bakery. Unfortunately, having access to four apple fritters means I’m gonna eat four apple fritters.

So yeah, seriously, I am addicted to apple fritters. And they are now officially one of my red-light foods. If I allow myself to have one, I’m gonna eat as many as are available.

That’s not good, man. Not good at all.