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Weigh-in for September 15, 2007

Current weight: 323
Difference from last entry: +2
Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -12.5

Hehehe… just call me Mr. Yo-Yo! The last couple of weeks have been interesting. Though I do have a very good excuse for the weight gain this week: travelling. I was out of town on business. And, unfortunately, the hotel that I was staying out was far enough off the beaten path that my only method of getting meals was having them delivered. And we all know just how healthy delivery meals are. There weren’t a lot of healthy choices, either.

For the most part, I had a decent breakfast and a healthy lunch. I am trying to expand my diet into foods that I don’t normally eat – for example a lot of veggies, fish, etc. I managed to do that for lunches while traveling. But dinners consisted largely of cheesey breadsticks, pizza or buffalo wings. That is not the way to lose weight!

On the plus side, it was only two pounds. And I am already seeing my weight go down. Part of it is what I am re-learning at Weight Watchers. Part of it is being able to choose healthier meals. And part of it is simply being more active at home and at work than I was while travelling.

I full expect that this week’s gain is a fluke, and won’t be repeated.

Fast food

KFC is getting a little more healthy

Great news for those of us who cannot resist the siren call of KFC, even though we know it is not good for us: KFC is switching away from trans fats! (via

KFC announced plans yesterday to eliminate most artery-clogging trans fat from its food by April 2007, swapping for a healthier oil that executives say doesn’t compromise the finger lickin’ quality.

As much as I know I shouldn’t, I eat at KFC a lot. It’s so easy, and it tastes so good. I love the fact that the chicken I order will be a little less fattening, and a little kinder to my heart. I wonder if I can hold off having anymore ’til next April?

Fast food

Hooray for Wendy’s!

There’s very good news about Wendy’s from “Wendy’s International Inc., the third-largest US hamburger chain, switched its 6,000 US restaurants to a healthier cooking oil that doesn’t contain any of the trans fats that increase the risk of heart disease.”

This is huge! No one is pressuring Wendy’s to make the changes they are. No one is picketing their restaurants nor suing them for using trans fats. Wendy’s is responding to the current trend of customers wanting healthier foods. I applaud them for making this move!