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  • Too many variables – weigh-in for January 28, 2013

    Current weight: 330 Difference from last week: 0 Difference this year: -2 Well, that experiment didn’t work very well. Though I can’t blame not having any soda. Instead, it was bad choices in other areas. I switched to a McDonalds breakfast meal plan. Not the wisest move I’ve ever made. I am an idiot: I […]

  • Fast food nutrition information/nutrition calculators

    I have been baffled lately at the restaurant industry’s strong objections to being required to give nutritional information for their meals in the post-Supersize Me world. I do realize that, for the most part, the restaurant industry places much more value in profits than in providing healthy meals. But certainly restaurants would want to follow […]

  • Weigh-in for September 29, 2007: Oh so close!

    Current weight: 316.5 Difference from last entry: -3 Difference from 2007 starting weight (335.5): -19 What a fun week! It’s been kind of exciting, because I knew that I was doing well. I knew that I was sticking to my plan, so I knew that I would be losing weight. And I knew that this […]