Category: Habits

  • Weight Journal – June 25, 2015: Special occasions

    Once again recording in Georgetown, CO, this time at the Georgetown Loop railroad. Lotsa fun! Talking this week about special occasions, such as an anniversary celebration.  🙂  

  • WeightJournal May 28 2015 – a tough week

    Recorded in Trinidad, Colorado on a windy day. Sorry about the audio! It’s been a tough week, I’m trying to keep myself from falling back into old habits, and I haven’t been very successful.  🙁 I also have a tip for a healty-ish way to dine out.  

  • Almost one year later…

    My last post was almost a year ago. I was actually considering waiting until September, so I could officially go a full year between posts! That’s the kind of thing that leads to inertial stand-still, though, so it’s definitely a Bad Idea. And so here I am. 48 weeks later, a whole lot heavier. My […]