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Weight Journal – September 1, 2015 – Ramble on

In which I ramble, and ramble, and ramble some more…

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WeightJournal, August 13th, 2015 – All about exercise!

I know, I know, normally when I’ve taken a couple weeks away from this journal, it means I’ve started gaining a ton of weight. That isn’t the case this time – I just completely lost track of days/weeks. I’m back now, though, and this week I’m babbling about my activity habits over the last 9 months, including how I’ve tended to feel about exercise videos/equipment, along with my newest endeavor, DDP Yoga.

You can read more about DDP Yoga at:


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WeightJournal – July 26, 2015 – a scary goal

Well, I hit a major goal this week, slipping beneath the 290lb mark. It’s a good thing, but also kind of scary…