Diet Meals Weigh-in

May 13, 2002

Weight: 319
Difference from last entry: -1

I am of two minds on the subject of what my weight is doing. My first inclination is to think, “Why is my weight going down so slowly?” I am regularly exercising now (30 minutes a day, Monday – Friday). Exercise has always been my downfall. Now that I am actually exercising, I should be losing weight quickly. Right?

Obviously, that isn’t right. The problem is my eating. Still. And, if you have read my journal for any length of time, you know where my problems eating are. The problems aren’t with the meals I eat. Those are fine. I can do with lowering my portion size a bit more, but for the most part, meals are not my problems. It is snacking that is getting to me, that is keeping me from losing weight. Or, at least, losing weight a little faster than I am.

I mentioned that I have settled on a meal plan. The basics of the meal plan are:

I tend to eat breakfast around 7:00-7:30. A bowl of cereal is my favorite food for this meal, though I’ll substitute two slices of toast with peanut butter.

I eat this meal somewhere between 10:00am-11:00am. This really isn’t a meal; it’s a glorified snack. I’ll have a bagel or toast, along with a glass of juice.

I eat lunch every day somewhere between 12:30pm – 1:30pm. I really need to lower my portion size here. I tend to eat too much for lunch, and feel rather bloated through the rest of the day. A single sandwich, a bowl of soup, a small portion of pasta… these would all be fine for this meal.

I tend to eat this right around 4:30pm. This is a very light meal, really just a bite to get me by to dinner. An ounce or two of cheese, some beef jerky, or a cup of soup are my favorite foods to eat here.

We tend to eat dinner between 7:00pm-8:00pm. I am usually feeling quite content here, and can get by with a very small meal. I haven’t been doing this, however, and instead have been eating a full meal with my wife. I need to allow myself to eat a small portion, choosing to enjoy the company instead of continuing to put food in my mouth. The same foods that work for lunch work well for dinner.

That’s the basics of my meal plan. For the most part, these work. My problem, though, is that I still find ways to eat something I shouldn’t between these meals. My weakest times are between breakfast and brunch, and between lunch and linner. And what I sneak in are sweets. Empty calories that really don’t do me any good at all. I eat the sweets because I am used to it. I crave sweets not because my body needs sugar, but because my sweet tooth wants some satisfying. It is alternately amusing and annoying.

My goal for this next week will be to try to reduce the amount of snacks I have. Eventually, I will try to cut most sweets out of my diet. But for now, I am just going to concentrate on trying to reduce the amount that I eat. Assuming I stay on track with my exercising (and I see no reason why I wouldn’t), reducing the amount of sweets that I eat should have an immediate positive effect on my weight.

I hate ending these journal entries on a down note. I have a positive thought to leve you on this week: My jeans are fitting a tiny bit looser this week. Nothing to jump up and down about, true, but they are definitely not as tight as they were just a week ago. I am, once again, seeing progress in other areas besides the scale.

That is truly a Good Thing!

– Miguelito

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[Pre-Weight In]

Okay, so I know that it is quite a while since I’ve had a weigh-in. Schedule conflicts have kept me away from Weight Watchers for three weeks now. Which is a bad thing, but also gives me a little big of relief. Because I know that I am not going to like the weigh in. I haven’t been near a scale in almost a month, but I know my body well enough to know that I’ve put on a bit of weight recently. I think I am over the 290 pound mark once again. And once again, I am not taking it well.

I have basically disappointed myself, and that disappointment is hard to take. It makes it hard for me to not be negative. And negativity spells doom in any weight management attempt. Negativity leads to a ton of different emotions, such as sadness, depression, anger. This leaves those of us prone to emotional eating in a quandry, which quickly devolves into a cycle of eating because one feels bad, and feeling bad because one is eating so much. It’s a trap I have been trying to keep myself out of since I started this.

The part that most annoys me is that I apparently haven’t learned anything. There’s been nothing new that has caused me to gain the weight I have recently. As a matter of fact, it is all the OLD traps that I should’ve been able to avoid that have gotten me. It’s getting a pastry and a thing of chocolate milk when I fuel up my car. It’s having a regular soda or lemonade with my meal, instead of water or diet soda. It’s grabbing a candy bar out of the machine at work instead of bringing a more nutritious, less fattening snack from home. It’s having lunch at Burger King instead of Wok’n’Roll. All of these hold habits which I’ve been fighting for the last three years; I just can’t seem to get past them.

About the only thing I can’t fault myself for is my lack of exercise. I was sick, and my body took a while to recover from the cold. I am just now feeling healthy enough to attempt some exercise again. And I came prepared today to do just that. I plan on getting in about a half-hour of exercise today. And then doing the same thing again tomorrow. I have learned one lesson very well: exercise is the key to weight loss. Without exercise, a person isn’t going to have good success at controlling their weight.

I hope that you’ve had a better week or two than I have had! I know that it’ll get better, I know that I’ll come out of this funk. It just won’t be as easy as it usually is.

‘Til next time!