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May 5 video update, in which I forget to publish the link…

Next time I’ll make sure that I publish the journal entry here before I get back to work. 🙂 It was a challenging week, and I decided it’d be a better idea to talk things out than to keep them in.

I also mentioned my huevos rancheros, and promised to lay out the PointsPlus values for it:

10″ tortilla = 5ppts
2 eggs = 4ppts
1/4 cup refried beans = 2ppts
1/2 cup 505 Southewestern Organic chili sauce = 2ppts
1/3 cup shredded cheese = 4ppts
sliced jalapenos = 0ppts
17 PointsPlus!

Yes, at first you may have some major sticker shock, but 17ppts is not bad at all, considering just how much food this is! I usually divide this up into a meal and a between-meal snack, because it’s just too much food to eat at one sitting.

Have a great week!

– Biffster

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Diverticu-whats-it – Weigh-in for June 25, 2013

Hello everyone! Finally, a full video update! The ol’ Biffster has had a bit of health issues going on lately. This week, I talk about the health issues a little, and what that’s doing to my weight.

Diet Weigh-in WeightWatchers

Missing meetings counterproductive for me? (Weigh-in for April 16, 2013)

Weight Watchers Keys
Weight Watchers Keys (Photo credit: slgckgc)

Current weight: 321
Difference from last week: +0.8
Difference this year: -9.2

Grrr! I am more annoyed with my gain this week than I was happy with my surprise weight loss on my last weigh-in. Mostly because of expectations. I fully expected to lose weight this time around. Sure, I missed my weigh-in on March 9th, but I had a couple of really good weeks (or so I thought). If I lost 2.4lbs on a rough week, I figured I could lose at least that much after my good weeks.

I was wrong.

Actually, I don’t know whether I was wrong this week or last week. Missing a meeting really screwed accountability. Did I have a bad week the week of the 3rd-8th? Or was my bad week from the 9th through the 15th? Did I gain weight the previous week, and lose most of it back this week? Or the reverse? I will never know.

Missing  a meeting caused more issues than just accountability. I felt very disconnected from the whole weight loss thing after 14 days. A large part of this was not having the interaction that I have grown used to at weight watchers meetings. This is strange – for the most part I am a solitary person. I don’t interact much with other people, let alone groups. That just hasn’t been part of my personality. Yet I find myself wanting to be in this community, wanting to share stories from throughout the week.I didn’t realize just how important that is to me until I missed a meeting. It is still surprising to me just how big that effect was.

I understand more now why I always gain weight back once I stop going to meetings.

Video update coming soon!

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