Baby steps…

Still here! It didn’t even take me a week for my next journal update! Although I haven’t much to say. I blame the cantaloupe I just ate – my body has been used to having nothing healthy at all for months. Having a lot of fruit? Yeah, my body isn’t used to that, though it does seem to be enjoying it. Fruit with breakfast and lunch. That’s one way to get healthy!

I had some forced exercise this weekend. My son plays flag football, and during the game  I like to walk up and down the sidelines, so I can see each play as close as possible. Add this to the walk from the parking lot out to the field, and you have at least a few extra minutes of exercise than I would’ve done otherwise. Anything that moves me forward!

On a site note: I’m looking through themes, trying to find one that catches my fancy. It’s possible you’ll see a lot of different site designs over the next week or two before I settle on the new, official design.

– Biffster



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