5 POUNDS!!! (Weigh-in for March 12th, 2013)

Current weight: 324.4
Difference from last week: -3.9
Difference this year: –

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So, you know, it seems that I forgot to post an entry here for my weigh-in on March 5th. Dunno how I did that. Chalk it up to a busy life. And having three kiddos. One kinda goes with the other,

I am down beneath the 325lb mark!!! For some reason, those 5lb increments are huge for me! Sure, I lost 5 pounds. Sure I lost 10lbs since the start of the year. None of that really matters, though. But getting underneath 325 lbs? That, for me, is huge! I am under the three-and-a-quarter hundred, and have that big 3-0-0 in my sights. YEAH!!!!

Of course, the question is: how did I lose so much weight over the last couple of weeks? And there are a couple of easy answers to this.  The first and most important is tracking what I eat. It is quite hard to get better control over what one is eating if one doesn’t know what one is eating. That is a big step one. Second step was being inspired yet again by my wife. I really started to fall off the wagon while Erin was out of town. Her being back inspired me to get back on track. Having her support helps me immensely. Even if we aren’t actively telling each other to do this or eat that.

Walk the Wight 2009
Walk the Wight 2009 (Photo credit: Auntie P)

Third, I got some walking in for the week. My life has become pretty sedentary. Hell, strike the “pretty”. I have allowed myself to become completely sedentary. Whether I am at work or home, I am sitting down or laying down. It’s computer, tv, chatting or sleeping for me. Exercise is non-existent. Activity is practically non-existent. It’s a miracle that I don’t have grass growing all over me, now that I think about it…

Anyway, the ActiveLink from Weight Watchers is challenging me to at least get up and move a little. Erin is challenging me to get up and move a lot. I ended up going with Erin to our local rec center. I walked around the walking track there for a mile and a half, then did 10 minutes on a recumbent bike. That was more exercise than I’ve had in forever. Nothing like giving one’s body a major shock! I’m sure that my heart was thinking what the fuck is happening here? I probably lost most of my weight just from the first few minutes of walking. 🙂

I am looking forward to the number on the scale going down more. I am looking forward to clothes fitting me just a bit better. And I am looking forward to my next minor goal: 314lbs (my 5% weight loss according to Weight Watchers).

Onward and downward!

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