Slowly getting rolling: Weigh-in for February 26, 2013

Current weight: 328.3
Difference from last week: -1.1
Difference this year: -1.9

I have done the WeightWatchers plan many times throughout the years. I always have a hard time with two parts of the program. The first is tracking. I hate to track. I would rather have this done automatically for me. Since no one is going to volunteer to follow me around, keeping track of what I eat, I have to do it. It’s annoying and tedious, which are two of my least favorite adjectives. I am going to resist anything that has both qualities.

I am doing better on that this time around. I give the credit to the new WeightWatchers 360 program, and its now-functional Android app. It is surprisingly easy to keep track of what I am eating since I always have my cell phone with me. Literally. Even when I sleep, my phone is by my side. This ubiquity ensures that I have a quick, easy method to track. So far, I’ve been doing well with it.

My other problem follow WW is constantly feeling like I can’t have my favorite foods. Somehow, it never seems to click in my head that, as long as I have enough daily or weekly Points to account for the food, it’s fine. No need to make myself feel deprived.

But Activity points. Don’t talk to me about Activity this week. Maybe next. 🙂

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