Two major bad days… (Weigh-in for February 19, 2013)

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Current weight: 329.4
Difference from last week: -0.8
Difference this year: -0.8*

First off, I know that the expectation of the first week on the Plan for WeightWatchers is to have a major weight loss. The first week is when you drink a ton of water, you’re super-honest when it comes to tracking, your food choices are great as you are learning what you should and shouldn’t eat. To steal a phrase from The Biggest Loser, we expect to pop a big number.

I didn’t.

However, I am not depressed about that. I knew that this was coming. I was actually a bit surprised that I lost at all. I had two very bad food days this week. I actually tracked everything I had those days. I was honest with myself, and thanks to tracking what I ate, I knew exactly how badly I had over-eaten, and was able to prepare.

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I had two problem days, and they were big ones. The first was Saturday night. I went to my home town for a going-away party. I tried to save myself ProPoints through the week so I could have some to splurge during the party. During the party, I was trying to make good choices food-wise. And I was mostly succeeding. Until the rum came out.

Rum isn’t the best beverage choice anyway – it’s around 2 Pts per shot (give or take). I ended up having about six shots. Plus a soda to mix it with. 18 points gone right there. The rum wasn’t done with me, though. After having that much alcohol, my inhibitions were lowered – almost non-existent. So when I saw the plate of raspberry cheesecake bars, eating four of them sounded like a great idea. I didn’t even stop to consider the 20 points that I was eating. 20 POINTS!!! In the end, I went over my points limit – including the weekly allowance and activity points – by those 20 points. HOLY F**ING SHIT!!!

I left myself with no room to maneuver.  I needed to have a perfect Sunday and Monday, since I didn’t have any weekly points left. I definitely didn’t need a day when I went over my Points limit by 10. Oopsie!

A week when one goes 34 Points over their total allotment is not going to get the job done. I’ve gotta do better this week! It’d be hard to do worse.


– M

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  1. Sucks, doesn’t it! I’m so glad that I’m not alone. This month I am really modifying my workouts to see if maybe I just need to trick my muscles! Keep up the good work, great blog! : )

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