A single step… (Weigh-in: January 22, 2013)

This week’s weight: 330
Difference from last week: -2
This year’s change: -2

egg mcmuffin with soup

Well, that seemed to work okay.  🙂 I followed through with my plan, only eating 75% of whatever it was I had to eat. Whether that was a burger, an egg mcmuffin, some pasta, etc. I allowed myself to have some, but not all. It was my theory that this would help trim a couple pounds off the top. And I was right!

Of course, this is a small, very small victory. The important thing is that I *knew* it would be a small victory. I wasn’t expecting to lose 15 lbs or anything crazy. This was a small step, but it was a single step towards my ultimate goal. And after how bad 2012 was for me weight-wise, I needed the psychological impact of meeting that one small goal.

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The thing with small goals, of course, is that they constantly need to be replaced with another short-term goal. The short-term goals are mile-markers along the road. I don’t want to stop at any mile marker, I just want to acknowledge that I got there, and then start working towards the next. Slow progress, sustainable progress. I know that I’ll get there.

I want to set a new habit of ending each weigh-in post with a goal to work on for the upcoming week. This week, another small goal (but a surprisingly difficult one): stop drinking soda! For some reason, that sweet bubbly concoction has been breaking through my will power like a warm knife through butter. I don’t need the soda, I don’t need all of those calories. Time to remind myself of that. No more soda!!!

– M

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