Let’s get 2013 started!

This week’s weight: 332
Difference from last week: 0
This year’s change: 0

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So here we are starting out 2013! I dunno about you, but 2012 was such a bad year weight-wise that I couldn’t wait for it to end. I had managed to get up to my heaviest weight ever – 336lbs. Since then, I’ve managed to get rid of a couple of those pounds, but not by doing anything super-good. It was more of luck. Or at the very least by only eating 2900 calories a day instead of 3000. No matter what, it wasn’t an awesome show of will-power on my part.

The New Year inspires new goals and new habits. It’s a chance to start over, as you can see from my weight chart.  🙂  Some people would call these resolutions, but not me. I’ve done the whole “make a resolution and then break them by February 2nd” bit. Resolutions are made to be broken. I don’t want to set myself up for failure right out of the gate!

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So I’m not making resolutions, I’m coming up with a gameplan. Something I can live with, something that can become part of my normal daily routines. Something that I can do, even during those times that I am lazy, or when my will-power is low, or when I start craving a massive milkshake.

A lot of my gameplan centers around basic metabolism. It takes a lot of calories to stay over 300 pounds.  Cutting  this by just a hundred or two hundred calories will lead to a weight loss. So it’s all about portion control. Instead of having six cookies, I’ll have three. Instead of having two donuts, I’ll have one. Instead of eating all of a burger and fries for lunch, I’ll aim to only eat 75% of the burger and half the fries. Lattes with half the amount of flavored syrup.

Theoretically, this will make it fairly easy to drop 15lbs. Just by not being as much of a piggy as I have been.

I’ll find out over the next few weeks!

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