Best exercise yet: biking the beach in California

Bike route in California

One of the things that we ended up doing during our recent California vacation was taking a bike ride. I wasn’t up for it at first: I was tired and just wanted to take a nap. But right as Erin was about to leave, I figured y’know, I really should do this so I jumped up and said “I wanna go too!!!”

I was mortified when I hopped on a bike. It was all I could do to not crash into the wall! I am trying to remember the last time I had ridden a bicycle…. had to be at least 10 years ago or so. I was worried that the old saying was false, and that one can forget how to ride a bike.

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I was wrong, of course, and after a couple of minutes I was right back in the saddle. We got our group together and then got on the road.

The map above shows our route. We started out at the Marina International hotel in Marina del Rey. We had to ride a few blocks on city streets to get out to Venice Beach. From there, it was all bike path.

The weather was just about perfect. Not too hot, a cool breeze coming off the sea, clouds to keep the sun from growing too bright… Lots of lovely bodies to look at on the beach too, of course. And don’t look at me like that! If one goes out on Venice Beach, one has to expect to see attractive people. That’s part of the allure of the beach!

According to Google Maps, it’s a bit over 4 miles each way. My legs were feeling it on the way back home, too. I am one out-of-shape Biffster. Still, I managed to go the whole route without having to walk the bike. I kept up a very good pace – even passing people! – and I still had energy left for the rest of the day when we got back to the hotel.

None of that really matters, though. The important thing is: we had fun! It was fun to get outside and get some exercise in. I would’ve never, ever thought I’d say that.  🙂

– M


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