Setting goals for Summer 2011

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I am not exactly sure why, but I’ve been a bit reticent to set new goals. I haven’t had a real goal since the end of last year. I’ve made some uncertain ones – like losing my vacation weight, moving closer to my 10% goal, etc. But I haven’t made any concrete goals since then. That is not good.

Goals are important. Specific goals are even more important. Saying “I want to lose 100lbs” is great, but how do I get to that point? It doesn’t just happen overnight. There are intermediary steps along the way. These are goals that I need to keep in mind, that I need to work towards. “Losing a lot of weight” is a platitude. “Hitting my 10% target by the end of May” is a specific goal, one that I can concentrate and focus on, and strive towards.

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That’s my first new goal, by the way. My 10% goal is 298.6. I am currently around 302. That gives me two weeks to lose four pounds. This is well within Weight Watchers guidelines for safe weight loss. This is an attainable goal. This is an easily-measurable goal. And it will be mine.

Oh, yes, it will be mine. 🙂

My other goal is an ongoing one that might be a little harder to hit in the long term: average 1lb lost a week. That’s the equivalent of losing 52lbs a year: you don’t see too many people doing that. [grin] As with everything else, doing something long-term is harder and harder to do as the term grows longer and longer. I can easily keep the 1lb average over the next few weeks. My goal is to do that over the next few months. Slow and steady.

I should throw in some exercise goals, too, but I am not quite ready for that. Soon, compadre, but not today.

– M

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