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  • Sounds like an excellent realization – and a super important one – to me, Ashley. RT @AtkinsonAshleyM: Hope you read: http://j.mp/k68jws #
  • Still wishing that @zemanta would allow me to use my back catalog of blog posts. That's 14 years of history I can't access. 🙁 #
  • Heading down the right road (Weigh-in for April 27th, 2011) http://bit.ly/l3wZgZ #
  • Those coupla extra lbs I had to "gain" in the fall when I switched to warmer clothes for #weigh ins? Gonna lose them on Tuesday #
  • Holy crap, that is AWESOME!!! –> RT @molliepw: Down 4.6 at today's WI!!! #wwchat #weightwatchers #
  • Hi @whitgetsfit. Thanks for the follow! Expect to read far too much about me soon. 🙂 #
  • #weightwatchers #weigh-in: I didn't hit a homer, but a solid single to left: down 1.0lbs! #
  • Surprise weigh-in (April 12, 2011) http://bit.ly/eGgTDu #
  • Weekly TweetArchive http://bit.ly/eKivEl #

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