Heading down the right road (Weigh-in for April 27th, 2011)

This week’s weight: 306.6
Difference from last week: -1.0
This year’s change: +0.6

Bathroom Scale
Bathrrom Scale by Tiothy

Well, will you look at that? Down another pound! And this time, it was deserved. I was doing my best to keep track of where I was Points-wise, to make sure that the food choices I was making were wise. Or at least not completely stupid. ‘cuz really, in the end, the one is just as good as the other.

This was a stressful couple of weeks. My mom had surgery and has been staying with us. So there’s the stress of having someone else live with us, the stress of watching my poor mother go through all of these tests, the stress of worrying about her while she was recovering, the stress of feeling happy that the surgery and recovery went well. There were so many times when I could’ve switched over to my standard mode of emotional eating. But I didn’t!

Easter Eggs by Mystaric on Flickr
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Oh, there was also a little candy holiday called Easter in there too, of course…

Add it all up, and I still came out on the happy side of things. That means I did well. I stuck to lower-Point choices. I loaded up on fruit when I could. I kept away from most sweets. I did have some rum (RUM!!!) and we know that alcohol isn’t conducive to weight loss. But it seemed more than worth the Points to me.

And yeah, I did track the Points. 🙂

I see from my weight chart that I am now 0.6lbs away from where I was at at the start of the year. I had hoped I would be lighter than this, but I am not beating myself up about it. I actually feel really good about it. I’ve weathered most of the challenging parts of the year food-wise (still have a vacation to California, but I’m not as worried about that one) and came out of it with a push.

Sounds good to me!

– M

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