Surprise weigh-in (April 12, 2011)

This week’s weight: 307.6
Difference from last week: -0.4
This year’s change: +1.6

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Never look a gift-horse in the mouth. And never be enough of a dunder-head to sabotage yourself! I had made a firm commitment to myself that I would follow the Plan completely, with no cheating, no fudging, no forgetting to track foods. Everything completely by-the-book.

That started on a Tuesday: by Friday I had not seen a loss at all. (On my home scale, of course.) I was very annoyed and discouraged, and I thought to myself: why bother being good? If I am not going to lose, or if I am going to gain weight while sticking to the plan, why not just eat what I want?

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And so I went on a weekend splurge. Milkshakes! Burgers! Big bags of candy! It was – theoretically – yummy! (I say theoretically because I still face the problems I always do, i.e. things are never as good as I think they will be. ‘cept for the milkshake, that was damned good.)

Walking into WeightWatchers for the weigh-in, I knew what the tale of the scale would be. I figured I was looking at a minimum of a 2lb gain. At least 2lbs. Maybe more like 3lbs. So you can imagine my shock when I saw the result: down 0.4 lbs. DOWN!

Now, I know that you might expect me to be happy about that. A loss is a loss, right? But truth is, inside, I wanted to cry. Or stamp my feet. Because this means I sabotaged myself over the weekend. The first half of my week ended up kicking ass. I might’ve been down 2 or 3lbs if I had kept on keeping on. But since I went on my bender, I not only hurt my health, but I screwed my weigh-in for the week.

What the hell was I thinking? 😥

– M

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