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  • Short #ff this week: my dearest friend @dabobie for being sweet and intelligent and funny, @angiejanetads for always being supportive #
  • Thanks Angie!!! Both for the ff and for all your support. 🙂 RT: #ff Diet & fitness friends @ThisisDavina @Rubbish_Dieter @weightjournal #
  • wth? I was only down another 0.6 at #weightwatchers weigh-in today. o.O #
  • Cruise memories: Cozumel http://bit.ly/fsxJvM #
  • It's Denver: the odd part isn't that it snowed the last week of March, the odd part is we didn't get a foot of snow. #
  • Weekly TweetArchive http://bit.ly/hQtrnY #

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