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  • Gonna register a new domain. Should I go with .com or .org? It's for a personal, tech-oriented blog… #
  • Aside – work for a meal out http://bit.ly/dQv33s #
  • Hi to all of my twitter-friends! Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I'm here, just been a busy couple of months. 🙂 #
  • 2011: Right back where I started (weigh-in for 3/15/11) http://bit.ly/gRrMrl #
  • I continue to be blah. Boring, boring, boring. But not necessarily in a bad way… #
  • Hanging onto vacation weight (weigh-in for 3/8/11) http://bit.ly/hV41j1 #
  • Weekly TweetArchive http://bit.ly/ep5B0R #

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