2011: Right back where I started (weigh-in for 3/15/11)

This week’s weight: 307.8
Difference from last week: -0.6
This year’s change: +1.8

I realized something earlier today that depressed me just a bit: my weight has been pretty much steady all year. I started at 306, and am currently at a high 307. 2011 was supposed to be my year! This was supposed to be the year I buckled down, got serious and got my weight down to what it should be. Instead, we are three-and-a-half months into the year and I haven’t made any progress.

True, we went on a cruise. And I put on a fair amount of weight. I don’t mind the weight I gained on the cruise, because the vacation itself was more than worth it. But if I had been more consistent with my weight loss before the cruise, I wouldn’t have so much to catch back up on now that the cruise is done.

[le sigh]

I’ve been watching The Biggest Loser lately (my wife got me addicted to it). I am torn between being inspired and being jealous. Some of the guys on there started much heavier than I did, but they now weigh a lot less than I do. I know this is because of the circumstances. The show is set up so that people lose an extraordinary amount of weight in an unrealistic amount of time.  But still, they rocked through a hundred pounds like it was nothing. That is what I want!

In other words, I think I am just down and discouraged this week. Just ignore me, I promise I’ll be less crestallen in my next entry.

– M

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2 responses to “2011: Right back where I started (weigh-in for 3/15/11)”

  1. Twitter was acting up for me and thought I’d leave a note for you! Plus I am feeling longer winded than 140 characters 😉

    It just must be this year. I have also been struggling as well to get in the right from of mind. Yesterday I posted my motivational picture (my big picture that motivated me to join WW in 2010 lost 39 lbs on old WW plan back up 11 pounds since November!) and placed it on my fridge! A constant reminder to say “Wait (weight ahaha) Are you really hungry?”

    You have to remind yourself that those on “The Biggest Loser” have hours on end to work out. So unless you quit your day job, hire a trainer & nutritionist, losing weight is tough on your own, let alone watching the show and comparing what they have accomplished to real life application.

    Hopefully with Spring around the corner we can get outside and walk off the winter weight and lose not only weight but these stuck in the rut attitudes! We can do this!! #thinkspring #shedthosepounds

  2. You know, I am always wary of odd-numbered years. It seems to me that they tend to be odd, and weird things happen in them. So maybe it is that oddness that is tripping us up. 🙂

    I do the opposite of you. Instead of having a big picture, I have a skinny picture on my fridge. I should scan it actually, and put it up on here (like there aren’t already enough pictures of me. sheesh!!!). I was at my lowest weight of my adult life. I really like the way I looked there. I want to get back to looking like that. That is my motivation.

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