Hanging onto vacation weight (weigh-in for 3/8/11)

This week’s weight: 308.4
Difference from last week: +0.8
This year’s change: +2.4

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my journal. No, it isn’t for the normal reasons. Well, I mean, I have gained weight since the last journal entry. But it was completely expected, and for a good reason: we were on the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise to the western Caribbean, including stops in the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan. It was absolutely wonderful, an experience that I can’t even really put into words. There was exploring and riding and dancing and eating and drinking. I gave myself full liberty to do whatever I wanted for the whole time we were on the cruise.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t go horribly overboard on food. I did have far more hearty meals than I normally do – including some very heavy breakfasts. And I had some desserts, of course. But the main cause of my weight gain wasn’t food, it was RUM!

I swear to the gods that I drank like a fish. And pretty much everything I drank had either rum or irish creme. That kept me nice and stoned for almost the whole vaca. Not overly-drunk (except for the Cozumel night), but nicely buzzed.

There are always prices to pay, of course. And the price I must pay is on the scale. I was actually up a total of 7lbs. I’ve lost over 4lbs since then. It is slow-going, and put me in a slightly not-so-healthy frame of mind. It’s been surprisingly hard to stop snacking since we’ve been back. That was over a month ago, actually. I really should stop blaming the trip and start admitting the fact that I’ve lost control, just a little bit.

That’s all right too, though. I have started to track what I am eating again. That is most of the battle there. Once I have a list of the things I am eating, it’ll be easy to reduce that to better levels. Make better choices. All of this stuff I’ve learned over these long years.

Add it all up, and what is the take-away? I had a damned good vacation!

– M

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