Is 2011 gonna be my year? (weigh-in for 1/17/11)

This week’s weight: 304.6
Difference from last week: -1.4
This year’s change: -1.4

New year - which direction?
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One of my dear twitter friends, @Dabobie, sent me a tweet that has me thinking. Her tweet was pure encouragement: “you’re on a roll :)) this is your year!” Aside from being super-sweet, this tweet made me stop and think, though. Will 2011 be my year? Is this the year I get down to my goal weight? And, even more important, is this the year I stay there?

It is definitely shaping up as such. I had a bit of a plateau at the end of the year and the first week of this year, but that was by choice. I had hit one of my major goals, and it was time to stop, celebrate that, catch my breath, and then get ready to work towards my next big goal. Once I decided it was time to move forward again, I started seeing immediate results.

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I am within a whisker of hitting my 10% loss this time around at WeightWatchers. I am motivated to keep going. I have internalized some of those things I should know by now, including not going inside convenience stores! I am slacking a little when it comes to exercise, true. Otherwise, I think I am at a really good spot.

Things will get a little interesting in a couple of weeks. My wife and I are going on a vacation – one of those all-inclusive things. I can eat and drink as much as I want. No one is going to stop me, no one is going to charge me any money. Talk about free reign!

Jungle ATV rides!
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On the other hand, opportunities to exercise will be everywhere! A half-mile walking track. ATV driving through a jungle. Power-walking along a stingray beach. Activity points should be a breeze to gain.

Add those Activity Points plus 49 weekly points, and you’ve got a situation where I’d have to work very, very hard to gain weight on this vacation.

Just somebody please save me from Bailey’s Irish Cream!!!

– M

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