Battling eggnog

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I have mentioned here before – many times, actually – that one of my biggest trigger foods during the holidays isn’t actually food, it’s a drink: egg nog. I don’t know why I am as addicted to egg nog as I am. Sometimes I think that I don’t even really like it. I like the spices, and I like the creaminess. It’s a great flavor of yogurt. Or candy. Or ice cream. Or coffee.

But the drink by itself? Over the course of my lifetime, I have drunken gallons of egg nog. Did I ever really like it? Or is it just another bad habit I was inflicting on myself? Who can say for certain?

I’ve realized for the last couple of years that I need to control how much eggnog I have access to. I tried making sure I only had a little in the house, which helped a little bit (except for on Christmas Eve). Completely avoiding eggnog, though, led to deprivation. I wanted eggnog – or at least I thought I did – and denying myself was only making things work.

Those are two competing drives: I want some, but I have to limit how much I have. The solution turned out to be turning towards a massive corporation. (Don’t tell them or they’ll get big heads): Starbucks!

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Starbucks sells a rather amazing eggnog latte. I don’t even want to know how many Points it has in its original form (13 Points for a tall). Leaving off the whipped cream and using skim milk lowers that a lot: 10 points for a tall. A tall latte is 12 ounces. 12 ounces of eggnog is 16.

End result? 6 ProPoints saved, eggnog AND caffeine cravings satisfied.

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