“light” and “heavy” weight days

Does anyone have days in the week where they weigh more than others? I consistently weigh less on Saturday mornings. Sometimes by 2-3 pounds. For example, on Thursday I weighed in at 303.8. Yesterday (Saturday) morning, 301.4. The actual weights vary, of course, as I’ve been losing weight over the last 6 months. But the difference between the weights seems to be consistent and reproducible.

It is always possible that I am only noticing this on weeks where it is true, and I don’t notice “normal” Saturdays. So I am going to do something that I really don’t believe in: I am going to chart my daily weigh-ins. That’ll give me a feel for how my weight fluctuates during a given week, and I can aggregate that to see patterns over a number of weeks.

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  1. This is something I’ve often wondered about, so I started a spreadsheet with my weight every morning. They always say you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself everyday, which I understand for those that could get neurotic about it, but mostly I just want to make some fun graphs in excel. 🙂

  2. :O You dared to use that “E” word here? BLASPHEMY!!! And if there’s one thing I know about, it is blasphemy!!!


    Seriously, whether it is Excel [shudder] or Google Docs, playing with numbers and making charts… how can someone resist such a fun time?

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