Good weigh-in heading towards x-mas

This week’s weight: 306.4
Difference from last week: -5.8
This year’s change: -25.4

This is going to have to be a fast update. I am already falling asleep at my keyboard. But I also haven’t updated my poor, neglected weight journal. This is all the fault of my New Testament in Review blog series. It has taken up a lot of my writing time. I just wrapped up reading Revelations, though, so now I have a lot of free time.

Anyway, things are going very well here headed into Christmas. The new ProPoints plan is turning out to be really easy for me to follow – especially since I get so many ProPoints in a day. I’ve been trying to make myself more active, which has also been paying off.

I am stil so tempted by egg nog though…  🙂

Happy holidays! And a musical treat for you:

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