Post-Thanksgiving weigh-in: could be worse!

This week’s weight: 312.2
Difference from last week: +0.6
This year’s change: -19.6

Pumpkin pie - yummy!
Pumpkin pie – yummy!

Thanksgiving weekend is always rough. There are always so many yummy foods to eat. Turkey, stuffing, yams (and my mom makes super-yummy yams, swimming in brown sugar syrup). And the desserts! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, apple pies, blueberry cheesecake, home-made peach cobbler…


Needless to say, I did over-indulge. I ate too much, especially too much of the yams, and too much dessert. And my weight gain shows this.

However, I also did a good job savings Points during the week. I behaved, making sure I didn’t go above my daily Points so I’d have the full set of weekly Points and activity Points left over. Those helped, helped a lot. Instead of being up 2 or 3lbs, I was up less than a pound.

I can live with that!

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