Weigh-in November 16th, 2010

My paperclip chainThis week’s weight: 311.6
Difference from last week: -2.2
This year’s change: -20.2

I can be an emotional guy. I’ve been known to tear up at some emotional times. I can’t think of a more emotional time than hitting a major milestone. Like, say, losing 2.2 pounds this week. Like, say, losing 20 pounds so far this year!

I am extremely proud of myself. It is hard for me to say that. I am not a boastful kind of guy. I really need to give myself a pat on the back, though. I have done a simply amazing job since I re-joined Weight Watchers this summer. It’s been a slow march, but after the first couple of weeks I dug my feet in and really started to work at this. This weigh-in is a validation of that work. Physical, concrete proof. I cannot deny it, it is right in front of me.

I am going to keep this weigh-in post short today. I’ll be writing more throughout the week. But for right now, I am going to stop and enjoy this feeling. Maybe shed a few tears, but they are happy tears!


– M

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