What is the new Weight Watchers plan?

I Need to Lose Weight!!!By now, everyone knows that Weight Watchers is rolling out a new plan here in the US on 11/29. The question is: what is it? Weight Watchers itself has asked its group leaders and other employees not to talk about it. Over the next couple of weeks, they are supposed to give little hints and just a teeny bit of information, and wait ’til the 29th to roll out all the details of the plan.

But thanks to the wonders of the global internet, we don’t need to wait that long! There are a lot of articles and other sources from the UK that can provide a lot of the information we are curious about on the new plan. I am going to summarize those points here. I will post links at the bottom of this entry to the actual articles.

One important note: I am assuming that the plan rolled out in the UK earlier this autumn is the same plan that is going to roll out here in the US on 11/29. I think this is a pretty safe assumption: I simply cannot imagine Weight Watchers rolling out one brand new plan in the UK, and then rolling out another completely different brand new plan in the US less than a month apart. So all this information might be wrong. These are just rumors until the 29th, but I think these are safe rumors.

  • The UK plan is called ProPoints. There’s a book on amazon for pre-order that talks about PointsPlus. The name of the two plans will probably be the only difference.
  • The focus is on the “filling foods” that have been a big part of the current Points plans. These have always emphasized foods that are not calorie dense, have a lot of lean meat, whole grains, etc.  I love this idea: 300 calories worth of chicken should be a lot fewer Points than 300 calories worth of fig newtons.
  • Fruits and veggies are free! Hello, pluots! Hello, bags of cherries! Hello cartons of blueberries! Hello, bags of baby carrots! I always need to eat more fruits and veggies: this’ll give me even more encouragement.
  • Women will get a set number of daily Points, men will get more, of course. The various sources are unclear on the number of Points. Some say it’ll be a set 29 Points per day for women and 46 Points for men. (Don’t hate me because I’m male!) Other sources say that it is variable, just like today, but that the minimum is 29 pts. The lower your body weight, the lower the number of Points you are allowed per day. Either way, I think it’s going to equate to being able to eat more, as long as you stick to filling foods.
  • 49 Weekly points to spend on absolutely anything you want. I call seven shots of Bailey’s! 49 weekly Points is a ton – 14 more than we are used to! You can save them to lose even more weight in a week, of course. You can increase the number of points you eat each day. Or you can have one damned big splurge. Hello, Christmas parties!
  • There are Activity Points, but I can’t tell if they are different than what we get today. One example gave 4 pts for an hour of walking. Is that the same as now?

So, for those of you curious, this is probably what we’re looking at in a couple of weeks. For those of you who’ve heard really bad rumors – switching to frozen meals all the time? really? – you can breathe a sigh of relief. The core ideas of the Points system are still here, its just been re-geared towards healthier foods, more proteins, slightly less carbohydrates. And plentiful portion sizes.

Oh, one aside: one of the articles stated that UK women on the new plan are seeing significant weight loss fast, 8-10lbs in the first month for women following the plan. I am all over that. Anything that gets me towards my goal a little faster is a good thing in my book.

All-in-all, I am feeling very excited about this new program. I think it is going to be easier to follow, we’re going to feel less hungry throughout the day, we’ll get to beat back some of the feelings of being deprived with the extra weekly Points, and FREE FRUIT!!!!

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  1. Hi Daniel! My guess is fruit juice will still need Points, and be relatively expensive Points-wise. Juice distills all of the sugars out of fruit without leaving the rest of the fruit. How many oranges are in your average glass of OJ? It’d be pretty hard to eat that many oranges at a sitting.

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