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Tuesday’s entry was all about eating too much when dining out.  When I am on top of things health-wise, I never have a problem with this. I stop eating when I am full, whether I am at home or eating elsewhere. My tummy and my mind are in harmony. Each knows what the other is doing. Both work together. Things get easy. Well, easier anyway. Dropping weight and keeping it off are never truly easy. But I digress.

Everyone who tries to lose weight knows the old adage: it takes 10-15 minutes for your tummy to tell your brain “Okay, that’s enough food, I’m pretty satisfied right now.” Those of us who end up very overweight ignores this adage in one of two ways

  1. we eat too fast, and then we keep eating more and more and more before the signal between tummy and brain is received.
  2. we ignore that signal

I’ve been down both routes. Fairly recently, too. Eating too fast is my normal problem. I can inhale food, if I am really hungry. There are also a few types of food that I eat super-fast, even when I try not to. (PB&J sandwiches, I’m looking right at you.) The end result is: I eat too fast, feel like I am still hungry, so I eat some more. By the time I get the signal that my tummy is full, I have eaten a lot of extra food. And I feel like a blimp.

The second trap plays most into my problems. There are certain foods or certain times where I simply will continue to eat. Even if I am stuffed to the gills. Even if I really don’t even want to eat anymore. A country breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes). Apple crisp. Jumbo shrimp. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Sitting in a movie theater. Eating a dog at Coors Field. All very dangerous, because I cannot stop myself. I know that I should stop. I just choose not to.

These are what I must work on. I cannot allow myself to get too hungry, because then I eat too fast. I can’t get my “usual” at a breakfast joint, because I’ll eat every single crumb on my plate. I have to be smart about these things. I have to plan strategies for when (not “if” but “When”) these situations arise. Be ready for them.

You know the Boy Scouts motto? Be Prepared? Same thing.

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