Dining out – don’t clean my plate!

Dining at pubYou might’ve already figured this out, but I had a really bad first half of 2010. I didn’t get myself back on course eating-wise until the week after my birthday. I let myself slide on a number of different fronts. Those are thing I am going to be writing about over the next few entries. Gotta learn from my past mistakes, y’know?

One way that I slipped up is the amount of food I let myself eat when we would dine out. Normally, when I am behaving, I don’t come close to eating a full portion at a restaurant. Depending on the restaurant, sometimes I can’t work my way through a half-portion! As the media has pointed out a time or two, restaurants have increased portion sizes to ridiculous amounts. Nowadays, it is expected that a person cannot finish a whole entrée.

Yet that was exactly what I was doing. No matter where we went to eat, I would sit at the table and eat every damned thing on my plate. My plate would be practically clean! That isn’t like me… It’s like the me from my past, the me that I am trying to move away from. That I thought I had moved away from.

Though – obviously from my current weight – I was totally being that guy again.

As I work my way back into a healthy mindset – as I try to get myself back on-track – I have to remember the small things I can do to keep from falling back again. Leaving food on my plate at a restaurant? That should be an easy small thing to do.

Strike that: it will be an easy small thing to do.


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