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  • Hmmm… how many Points would a latte made with Bailey's be? 🙂 #weightwatchers #
  • ♫And I see signs of half remembered days
    I hear bells that chime in strange familiar ways #
  • Helps me drink water -> RT @mariseb5: Did not know that? "@Aunt_JJ: @mariseb5 I will be adding lemon to water cuz helps w/water retention!" #
  • Oh, I can tweet a "yay me": I chose to walk the 20 minutes from the babysitter's house to here. Hoorayfor a short walk! #
  • Hmmm… I don't think wordpress sent a tweet for my latest blog post: "Fat" clothes #
  • I am WFH, but stuck here 'cuz I don't have a car. Who wants to bring me a latte? [grin] #
  • Good morning everyone! How is your Friday starting off? #
  • Thanks for the #ff @njrobynf and @JennBurgessFit they are two awesome tweepers going down the weight loss journey with us. 🙂 #

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