Bad, bad summer

Le sigh. Been a bad summer weight-wise. I let myself slip on our camping trip way back in May, started to get back on track, then totally went off-track starting on our anniversary vaca. I haven’t recovered since. I’ve been eating way too much. I haven’t been walking anywhere near as much as I used to. In other words, I’ve been slacking, big-time.  And it’s taken its toll: +10 lbs since the end of May. More weight to try to lose.

le sigh

This is the second year in a row that summer has kicked my ass weight-wise. The second summer in a row where I’ve gained a bunch of weight. And where I’ve stopped writing here. Actually, to be fair, I do this most every summer. It isn’t just the last two. It is just easier to concentrate on recent history. 🙂 The amusing part of this is that, in Weight Watchers meetings, I always ignore the parts about Summer weight issues. I always go into summer with confidence that I have nothing to worry about, that I can get through the season without any issues at all. I can actually get kinda snobby about it, thinking, “oh, those people just need better self-control when the weather gets hot.” You know, they say that we dislike most in others what we hate in ourselves. That’s true here, most definitely.

So, if anyone was wondering why I’ve taken a break for both updating this journal and doing video updates, that is the reason. I plan on getting back into things soon. Video updates sometime soon, using my crappy webcam. Written updates? Well this is one, right here. 🙂

– Biffster

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