Splurge, but choose wisely

This has definitely been a weird week. Most of it was because of schedule changes. I was off on Monday and Tuesday for spring cleaning and a birth within the family. I worked in the office on Wednesday and Thursday, but then worked from home Friday. My wife got off work four hours early on Saturday, so we went out to eat then.

It’s been wacky, for certain. And I haven’t been sticking 100% to the Weight Watchers plan. But I have been making at least some better choices, and I’ve been trying to watch my portion sizes. And so far, this is paying off: according to my scale, I am about a half-pound lower than I was at my weigh-in on Wednesday.

I learn and relearn some lessons, but some I take to heart: if you are going to splurge, make your self stick to good foods while you do so. Have a box of WW 2 Pt. Bars instead of a box of Twinkies. Have a glass of strawberry milk instead of a milkshake. Have a yummy, yummy tangelo instead of a pb & honey sandwich.

Splurge, sure, absolutely if you can’t help it. But minimize the impact.

Of course, one should also avoid Red Lobster’s Alotta Colada. But we won’t talk about that one….


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