Weigh-in for March 31, 2009: Building motivation

Current weight: 312.6
Difference from last entry: +0.2
Difference from 2009 starting weight (316.6): -4

I know it looks like I gained a bit there, but it is deceiving. I forgot to post an update here last week. I was up then, and lost most of that extra weight this week. And it was legit: I was pretty positive that I lost a bunch this time around. I even told the Weight Watchers leader that before weigh-in.

The biggest change I made this week: getting back into the swing of walking at lunch during the week. I had used my health issues earlier this year as an excuse to stop walking, and then I got lazy. I started coming up with reasons to skip my walk. And suddenly I simply wasn’t walking at all.

I did have some eating incidents this week. It’s close to Easter, and there are so many good easter candies out there. Well, actually, there’s only a couple I really like, mainly the marshmallow-circus-peanut-type chicks and ducks. This week, Easter itself is coming up. Hopefully I can stay focussed during brunch on Sunday.

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