Catching up on weigh-ins

Current weight: 290.5
Weigh-in for June 11: 291.5
Weigh-in for June 18: 291.5
Weigh-in for June 25: 290.5
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): +/- 0

So here I sit again, at the same weight I started the year at. All told, I have to say that I am happy with that. Considering all of the stress that I’ve been through in the spring, along with the addition of our daughter at the start of the year, I have had my share of times when I could’ve either given up completely, or went into a massive tailspin. Instead, I have ended up where I started the year. That’s not a bad thing. Especially now that I have a lot of motivation back.

I am definitely not saying I am back to being able to follow the Weight Watchers program without thinking about it. I still have to struggle against myself, and my urge to over-eat, especially sweets and other bad things. It’s a battle I fight every day. But it is also a battle that I am starting to win on most days.

I have made one change here: I now weigh in here the same day that I weigh in at weight watchers. That just seems easiest.


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