Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am still toying around with a Mediterranean diet.I love the idea of the Mediterranean diet, especially for its supposed benefits for a person’s heart. I am still very concerned about my heart health. So anything that can help keep my heart healthy is going to serioulsy get my attention. Green tea is a recurring one, the Mediterranean diet is another.

The idea behind the diet is pretty straight-forward: eat like people along the Mediterranean always have. That means a whole lot of whole-grain breads and pastas, fruits and veggies, and olive oil. Daily yogurt and cheese. Smaller portions of fish and skinless poultry. And very little of other types of meats, sweets, etc. It makes a lot of sense, and should be easy to follow. Especially for someone addicted to breads and pastas like me.

My problem is visualizing what I should eat frequently versus what I should try to avoid all together. Fortunately, I was able to track down an awesome  food pyramid tailored for the mediterranean diet ( There are actually two pyramids available for download/printing; one for adults (includes wine) and one for children (no wine). This makes a very easy-to-read guide to foods that are okay. Theoretically, that’ll make it much easier to create food plans. And to put lunches together.

My favorite part of this: since nuts are one of the Daily foods, it means I have (get) to eat a lot of peanut butter. YUMMY!

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