Weigh-in for April 26: More of the same

Current weight: 286.5
Difference from last entry: +2
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -4

So I still don’t have a job yet. and the stress is getting to me, just a little bit. And, as is the norm for me, it shows most in my weight. I have reverted back to some of my old habits – maybe most of them. I have only worked in exercise once or twice this week. I am snacking continually. And I am having more sweets – many more sweets – than I should allow myself. And I’ve been drinking a lot of soda and not drinking much water. All very, very bad habits.

I decided that my life is simply too stressful right now to try to lose weight. Instead, I am going to try and keep my weight steady. I’ll slip into a maintenance mode right now, aiming to keep from gaining. I am going to work on finding some way to deal with stress other than eating. And I am going to try to get some more exercise in this week.

And start with baby steps. 🙂


Weigh-in for April 12: Unemployment

Current weight: 284.5
Difference from last entry: +3
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -6

So here is something that will come as a surprise to no one: being unemployed has not been condusive to losing weight. I have been unofficially unemployed since Monday, but the previous two weeks were preparing for unemployment, as I worked frantically to transition all of my responsibilities off to others during my two week’s notice. Work went well, I think: the two people who took over my duties should’ve had a pretty good heads up on how to do the job. Though, as my now ex-boss put it, how things go there is no longer my concern. I was able to keep myself busy for two weeks, but wasn’t able to put together two weeks of healthy eating. That’s the big take-away.

Though I do have to give myself credit for some good behaviors. I exercised on a consistent basis during my last two weeks on-the-job, due in large part to my walking buddy Diana. While I was eating too much, I was making mostly good food choices. And I only gained two pounds through that two week period. On a whole, those weren’t bad weeks at all.

This week? Well, that should probably be its own entry, which I’ll write later.