Weigh-in for March 22: Seriously?

Current weight: 281
Difference from last entry: -1
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -9.5

So, you know, every now and then I have a week where I lost weight, but don’t know how or why. This is one of them. The scale showed a one-pound weight loss, but I definitely didn’t expect to see it. I had a couple of bad nights worth of choices, and we went out to eat too many times last week. So yeah, I was expecting to have gained a couple of pounds. Losing a pound? Totally unexpected.

Even more unexpected is the fact that I showed an almost two-pound gain Tuesday at Weight Watchers. I expect to see about the same results gain/loss wise from our two scales. I showed a two-pound loss here, but a two pound gain there, in the space of three days. That was very unexpected. Of course, the week before that I showed a 1.2 loss, but I showed a 4.0+ pound loss at Weight Watchers. What does it mean? Mainly, just that my weight fluctuates through the week. And apparently my Saturday weigh-in reflects what I’ve eaten through the early part of the week, and the Tuesday weigh-in reflects how I’ve done through the weekend.

Which means that my weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Tuesday will probably be really, really bad. Easter weekend, too much available candy, feeling deprived and a whole lot of work-related stress added up to a really, really bad day.

Not just kinda bad, but really, really bad.

Still, I am within striking distance of the 280 mark. I am currently at the lowest weight I have been at since October 2000. We weren’t even married at that point! I have to make sure I remember these small details when times are tough.

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