There are a couple of meals that I’ve been eating on a fairly consistent basis. They are all easy, require no/almost no cooking, and are eay to figure out Points-wise (sorry, I don’t have calorie information). Who knows, I may update my Recipes page with this information. 🙂

Breakfast sandwich
1 Thomas light english muffin (1 pt)
1/4 c. egg substitute (1 pt)
1 slice low-fat cheese (2 pts)
2 slices canadian bacon (0.5 pts)
YUMMY! Especially for 5 points or so. I normally have two of these, without the egg substitute, plus a non-fat latte, for a 10 pt. breakfast.

Peanut butter burrito
1 low-cal tortilla (2 pts)
1 tbsp peanut butter (2 pts)
1 tbsp honey (1 pt)
1 banana (2 pts)
7 pts. for a yummy, portable meal which also satisifies one’s sweet tooth. I tend to sacrifice a couple more points and do two tbsp of peanut butter. Or I’ll do one of the above, then another minus the honey and banana, but plus a couple of tablespoons of spreadable fruit.

Broccoli tuna salad
1 c. broccoli slaw (0 pts)
1 can tuna (4 pts)
6 cherry tomatoes (0 pts)
2 tbsp light honey mustard dressing (2 pts)
This makes a hell of a lot of food for a measly 6 pts. The veggies really fill one up, the dressing adds flavor, and the tuna is both yummy and adds a ton of protein.

The above meal ideas are a breeze to put together and take to work. They are mostly healthy, fairly low-Points, and delicious.

let me know what recipes/meal ideas you can recommend!

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  1. I would suggest avoiding Peanut butter and bacon.

    Peanut butter has no defenses against certain fungus that encourage colon cancer.
    Substitute with: Almonds, Brazilian nuts and sunflower seeds

    Bacon: substitute with chicken breast or nuts.

    Amazon sells lots Almond pastes.

    Broccoli is an excellent food.

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