Weigh-in for March 8: Better, much better

Current weight: 284
Difference from last entry: -1.2
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -6.5

I basically challenged myself to have a better week this week. I was more disappointed than I mentioned about gaining last week, even though I had added so much exercise to my routine. Surprised, yes, but disappointed. But I had gained momentum on the exercise front, and I didn’t want to lose it. And I realized that I needed to reign in my snacking and overeating. So I challenged myself to have a week where I stuck close to the Plan.

It seems to have worked. I finally got under the 285 pound mark. And I did it in a convincing fashion. 🙂 I have integrated exercise deep enough into my normal routine that I feel weird when I have to skip a day. I feel like I’ve forgotten something amazingly important. And really, I have! Exercise is important, being motivated to exercise even moreso. Having a routine, getting into a habit, has helped me build my motivation. Now, I can’t imagine doing without a 35-45 minute walk plus some weight training in the morning. And, of course, a long soak in the hot tub afterwards.

The snacking side continues to be a little bit of a problem. I was encouraged a little bit to find that I am not the only one in our WeightWatchers At Work group who has found their motivation lagging a bit. I guess it is not very nice to be comforted by someone else’s problems… but realizing that there isn’t something wrong with me did make me feel better.

I still do well during the work day and in the evening. It is after 7:00 at night when my problems come up. I keep forgetting that I shouldn’t be eating anything at all at night. It’s easy to forget that! And it is hard to stop once you get into the habit. Habits are a double-edged sword! I need to remember how to make this habit work for me, too.

All in all, I am very encouraged, heartened and motivated this week!

(Note: The sharp-eyed reader may have noticed the change on my weight charts. I had set the Y axis (the bold line on the chart) to 290, which is what  I thought my original 1997 starting weight was. Turns out that it was actually 294. I have updated all of my weight charts to reflect this.)

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