Weigh-in for March 1: That was surprising…

Current weight: 285.2
Difference from last entry: +0.2
Difference from 2008 starting weight (290.5): -5.3

I was quite surprised to see that I gained weight – even just a little – this week. I had done a very good job of keeping the exercise going (another 50 minutes on Friday, then a 10 minute walk on Saturday). And I thought I was doing a better job staying within my daily Points. But apparently I didn’t do as good a job as I thought. Either that, or I’ve somehow built up a bit of muscle mass over the course of week. Which is always possible, of course. Especially since I got in so much exercise. But it seems unlikely to me. So I don’t know what happened.

I do know that I’ve got the exercise habit building strong, and will have even less problems sticking to exercise while the weather outside isn’t too hot and my exercise buddy continues walking with me. No I just need to re-focus on what I am eating. Once I get that nailed down? The rest of it will work itself out. In a good way.

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